FKT: Josh Ferenc - Glastenbury/West Ridge Loop (VT) - 2020-07-14

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3h 19m 16s

Checked out a cool loop to Glastonbury Mtn, then hit the West Ridge Trail. Rocks were slicks, but great loop. Hammered my ankle at 14 miles which cost me a lot of time; but I’ve been saying all year that I’m not jeopardizing today if it’s going to set me back from running tomorrow. Ran stress free and gingerly, as it was a crunching twist that makes you want to vomit, the last 7 miles and opened it up a bit on the road section. I left at least 10 min out there for myself the next time I run that loop if there are no (ankle twists) setbacks. Couldn’t descend at all, and lost 3-5 min down Bald Mtn alone. Sub 3:10 may be in the wheelhouse for me the next time out.  
Bald Mtn is a hidden gem to see and run up and over. Very cool little Mtn.