FKT: Josh Ferenc - Mt Marcy (NY) - 2017-08-03

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1h 9m 1s

Hey Gang!
Today, August 3rd, I ran 1:09:01 up Mt. Marcy. On September 26, 2015 I ran 1:12:02. I saw the FKT was 1:12:?? and wanted to preview the course and also run hard. It took me two years to get back to crack it. Breaking an hour would be a stellar feat. I believe with a slightly different run plan, I would have been 1:05-1:06. I was too conservative up to the dam, and then too aggressive on the first "real" climb, which made the runnable sections that followed to be tougher to change the gears. It was super cool this morning when I started and did not get hot until I started to head down. I will be attempting another FKT on Mt Marcy in October, and try to hit a dry cool day. Very solid effort, which was an absolute painful grind above tree line. 

NOTE:  An anonymous poster questioned Josh's time:

Wild Neoteny, If this is your Strava account, it looks like you actually stopped short of the summit by about 200 meters that day. The GPS data is also a little weird. The segment data does not match the run time (1:09 versus 1:14).