FKT: Josh Horsfall - Buckeye Trail (OH) - 2021-11-04

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I began my hike at the southern end of the little loop, near Akron section point 31, and hiked the little loop clockwise. Upon completion of the little loop I continued south until I reached Belle Valley section point 25. From here I went west to complete the western portion of the wilderness loop which reconnects at Stockport section point 7. After completing this section, I was shuttled back to Belle Valley section point 25, where I then headed east to complete the remaining trail on the wilderness loop. After completing the loop and returning to Stockport section 7, I continued southwest until I reached the junction at Loveland section point 9. From here I shuttled to the southern terminus and then began hiking north until I reached Akron section point 1. This completed the entirety of the Buckeye Trail.

For the most part I resupplied food and water as I went relying heavily on convenient stores and often simply asking folks if I could refill my water bottles from their homes. I only needed to collect and filter water on 3 occasions, all of which were in the southern portion of the state. For shuttling in the loop sections I was able to pre-arrange rides with family ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to hike the same sections of trail twice.

The link I provided was the first day of my hike, September 27th 2021. I hiked everyday without taking any zeros until I finished on November 4th, 2021. You should be able to access all of my recorded Garmin tracks by cycling through those days. I also posted all of my Garmin tracks as well as photos to my personal Facebook page which can be found by searching for Josh Horsfall.


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Outstanding achievement!

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