FKT: Josh Jesse - Coast Track - 2023-10-14

Route variation
Out and back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 44m 15s
GPS track(s)

Left much later than I wanted to because I slept through my alarm. One of the hottest days of summer (so far) so was not acclimated to the heat. This was a training run for a long distance race, so an "easy" effort was the goal. Deviated slightly from the point-to-point FKT so as to have the turnaround at a cafe to get out of the sun and refuel. Might have been slightly longer if anything. I also stopped my watch and forgot to restart it by accident so it's missing a little bit of overall distance. Elapsed time is correct.

Not many other people on the trail, very thankful for the swimming holes on the return. 

This is by no means a fast time for the out and back. Someone needs to set a proper benchmark that people can go chase!