FKT: Josh Mick - Bolinas or Bust (CA) - 2024-01-27

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7h 57m 22s
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I began the hike out to Tomales bluff at 6:30am for an 8:00am start. The weather was cool and perfect for running, a bit windy, but otherwise perfect conditions. Trail conditions were not as bad as I expected and had planned to be running in, but there were still some muddy/wet sections mostly along the ridge trail portion and several downed trees that I had to scramble through/around but nothing too bad.

This was a fully supported run with the help of my girlfriend with several aid stations set up and my nutrition was powered exclusively by Uncrustables and Eggo Grab and Go waffles. :)

I would like to thank Christian Saucedo and who set-up and ran this challenging, yet very beautiful route. I was not disappointed by either.