FKT: Josh Mick - Point Reyes Loop (CA) - 2023-12-16

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6h 58m 17s
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Amazing route. Started at sunrise with a very full pack. My new favorite trail food is Smukers Uncrustables! Took 4 of these with a handful of other goodies to keep me eating throughout the trip.

Only took two 500ml bottles and looking back that wasn't enough. Filled up at Coast Camp and Wildcat. I brought a water filter to hit the stream but it was at the very bottom of my pack and only had about 12 miles to go so took a risk. Looking back I should have filled up.

I would recommend an extra hand held and fill up at Wildcat if going unsupported.

Lucky too see an elk heard hanging out with some campers at Wildcat. Also, saw a bobcat early in the morning but wasn't quick enough with my phone to get a pic.

Trail conditions where pretty decent and clear with the except for a short sections. Other than a few nettle incidents I came out rather unscathed compared to what others have had to endure.

All and all happy with my attempt.