FKT: Josh Sanders - Ice Age Trail, Kettle Moraine South (WI) - 2019-09-24

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Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
5h 13m 57s

Ran east to west and that was a stupid idea. Don't do that. Also, I was chasing Coree Woltering, Max King and David Riddle's Srava CR's early (A few parts of this trail are used for the Ice Age Trail 50 which was a national championship race a few times, and the TNF 50 is also runs a few miles on this trail) which was also dumb on a 33-ish mile run when the temps were over 70. Ran out of water the last 5 miles (had a hydration pack and handheld with 70 ounces at the start). It was a comedy of errors, cramping the last 16 miles but all's well that ends well I guess ;-)