FKT: Josh Sanders - Scout Trail, Oak Openings Park (OH) - 2019-09-02

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1h 51m 9s

There are some "non-native" trees that were planted in the metro park awhile ago and they are in the processes of cutting them down, removing them and planting new trees. The scout trail currently runs through 2 of these sections. There are posted "detours" to keep you on solid maintained trail but to preserve the integrity of the FKT, I ran the correct historical route and went through these sections. The first is maybe a hundred yards long and the 2nd section is at least twice that long. Both sections are a bit torn up and will slow you down but not too bad. They are over quickly. The actual trail is completely torn up but you can follow the basic idea as you meander through the debris. Hopefully this will be more cleaned up by the end of the year. This route has a ton of mud, so come ready to embrace it ;-)