FKT: Josh Wright - Limekiln Loop (MT) - 2021-07-24

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1h 32m 35s

The weather was beautiful and the trail was perfect. Ran the Limekiln Loop counter-clockwise unsupported. The first two miles really beat me up as that is where a lot of the elevation gain is but after about the 2.8-mile mark the trail flattens out before going into the last mile and a half of good descent where I was able to make up a little time. The scenery is beautiful along the entire route with spectacular mountain views, today's run had some of the views muddled with smoke but was overall awesome. There is no good spot to resupply along the route so I ran the route with the water and nutrition my pack would hold and all by myself making this attempt truly unsupported. I felt like this was a great FKT attempt and can't wait to do the next!