FKT: Joshua Alcorn - Montauk Lighthouse - Sag Harbor Wharf (NY) - 2021-12-29

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4h 3m 51s

This is a fast route!  Most of the climbing happens in the first 13 miles except a bummer of a climb coming in to Sag Harbor in mile 29.  

I started a little late, mostly because my camelpak sprung a leak.  So I improvised and carried two 16oz water bottles (one straight water, one with a Nuun tablet) in the backpack in place of the bladder. 

I also carried about 8 Gus and a small bag of Alcorn Power Potatoes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my stomach medicine, so eating super salty potatoes wasn’t going to happen.  

The weather was perfect - high 30s and low 40s.  Not sure I would be able to do this unsupported in the summer, unless I get  CamelPak that works.

Because this was my first 50k, I kept it really contained for the first 15 miles and hit my goal of 7:50 avg pace.  I opened it up a bit over the back end and after 30 years of running and racing, finally had a negative split.

Like I said, this is a fast route, so someone get out there and run it in less than 4 hours!