FKT: Josie Nye - Brecon Beacons Horseshoe (United Kingdom) - 2022-09-17

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1h 39m 35s

I noticed whilst planning walks in Brecon with my mum that I had lost the record for this route so I thought I would give it another the shot.  It was only two weeks after completing GB Ultras Snowdon 50 so I wasn't sure how my legs would cope, but I was banking on the fact that the weather conditions were better than they had been in January and I had done a lot of hill training this season.  As it turned out my legs were fine and I knocked ten minutes off of my previous time, beating the new record.  The terrain was undoubtedly easier than in had been in January when it was icy and the route was very busy which gave it a great atmosphere as everyone is always very encouraging.  I really really enjoyed this run, it is absolutely stunning with a good mixture of both steep climbs and more runnable sections.