FKT: Josie Nye - Isle of Thanet Loop (United Kingdom) - 2022-04-17

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 14m 35s

I had 100K to complete and wanted to start that with the Isle of Thanet FKT loop.  I started at 7am on Easter Sunday and set off in beautiful weather along the seafront that was already busy with people enjoying the day.  I hadn't reeced this route in advance which was a mistake as once the route started to go through fields the trail was impassable in places (I have included a photo).  Whether this has changed over time or if this route is better in the winter months I'm not sure but I had no choice but to take a couple of detours adding 3k to the route.  Detours aside this was a beautiful route.  My friend Natalie came to meet me at the end point to continue my run with me, this point can be seen on my Garmin under laps where it shows the route that made up my first lap, the distance, time and pace.

Unfortunately I had to stop running shortly after the FKT route due to injury, and again pressed the lap button rather than the stop button when I got in the car causing a very fast section shortly after the FKT ended.  The details of this and the rest of the route can be seen on my Facebook page.