FKT: Josie Nye - Welsh Three Peaks (United Kingdom) - 2021-08-17

Route variation
driving between THs
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 23m 22s
GPS track(s)

Last week Dad sent me a link to the Welsh three peaks FKT page. There was no current female time so there was nothing to beat but the chance to set the first record. It turned out that to fit around other races it really was now or this time next year. So we set out with the aim of treating it like a recce, not getting stressed about time and, in a lesson learnt from the Serpent Trail, trying to be the happiest girl on the trail!  The car was loaded with a change of kit for each mountain so that I could start each one dry along with any food any water that I thought I might need and off we went.

Oh my God, what an experience! I made a slight detour on Snowdon as the route up from the Miners Trial appeared to be a waterfall (it was very wet and windy here today!) so after doubling back and checking the route I realised that really was the way and off I went. Visibility was poor and the route was wet, this made me cautious but I loved every second of it! And thanks to Nathan Fleur for giving me advice to start early I was the only person on the summit! In fact I saw very few people until the last couple kilometres of the way back.

I set off in the wrong direction at Cadair Idris but once I corrected that it was an easy route to follow. Again the conditions made me cautious in terms of speed but I felt I had a good run here.

Lastly was Pen y Fan. It was drier here and I'm familiar with this one so I pushed harder and finished in a total running time of just under 5 hours. A total of 8 hours 24 minutes including the drive. I did mess up my photo and video at the top of this one but you can see the cairn and the GPS will verify the route. I feel I could have pushed this a little more but given the conditions I am super pleased with this time so now it's just a case of getting it verified.

Massive thanks to Dad for suggesting this adventure and for driving in between each one!