FKT: JT Lehman - Glacier Peak (WA) - 2021-07-04

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6h 41m 7s

Started at 6 a.m. from N Fork Sauk River trailhead. Had pretty ideal conditions overall with the trail mostly snow free before White Chuck basin. Ate around 10 gels over the course of the day and found ample water along the route. Hit the summit in 3:57 which I think is the summit FKT? Enjoyed some gorgeous views and a quick savor of the moment before heading back down. Felt pretty good for most of the day.

The route involves some glacier and steep snow travel so picking the right gear kit for a fast ascent is tricky. I used trekking poles and brought neither an ax nor microspikes, but the route is extremely condition dependent. I felt comfortable going light and risking the possibility of turning around early. I've skied glacier peak in the past as well as almost all the other Cascade Volcanoes and have a lot of time on glaciers and steep snow, others might want to take a more conservative approach.