FKT: Julia Canzano - Newport Cliff Walk (RI) - 2022-05-28

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out & back
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1h 28m 58s
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I ran the Newport Cliff Walk during Memorial Day Weekend 2022. Didn't have fresh legs going into it but the rocky part, while difficult and definitely slowed me down, was a lot of fun to do. Not too many people out early in the morning, but on my return trip the path was a lot more crowded with people walking their dogs or out for a morning run. The weather was another part of the challenge, it was very windy and humid and I was not the only person I saw at the end of their run that was dripping sweat. 

My path deviates from the original Cliff Walk path about 3/4 of the way in because the cliff walk was blocked off with fencing and construction signs. I'm not sure exactly what repairs they were making but the detour told me to go back on the road on Narragansett Ave and meet up with the Cliff Walk again on Webster street, hence why my route is a little longer than the original.