FKT: Juliano Saddock de Sá - Serra do Ibitiraquire (Marco 22 ao IAT com o Pico Paraná) - 2023-09-01

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16h 39m 27s

This route begins in the "marco 22" where starts the trail on the graciosa road and goes backwards from the more common way, ending in the conservation park facility center called IAT.

This mountain range is well known has one of the most difficult and technical trails in Brazil, all in Amazon Forrest with more than 30 mountains.

This line was done with more mountains than "only pass trough", making it longer and demanding. 

There're 12 mountains reached in this route, Agudos da Marmosa, Agudos da Cuíca, a short trail miss before Pico Ciririca, Cedro, Camapuã, Tucum, Itapiroca, Pico Paraná (the highest one in south of the Brazil), Caratuva, Taipabuçu, Ferraria and Ferreiro.

I ran alone as can been seen in the youtube video, carried all my food and got water on rivers and creeks along the way. All the details are on the video.

It was a 5 year ending journey that I's pursuing, so it's a bleassfull moment for me. 

Hope that this FKT fall soon, because there's a lot of ways to improve the route. Also I missed some trails entries losing sometime. 

Enjoy the video an track! Post here any questions about it.