FKT: Julie Brock - Central Coast Century Run (NSW, Australia) - 2021-08-06

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15h 12m 6s
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I was dropped off at the start by my partner Dave where to my surprise there was 2 of my friends who had shown up to see me off. I started at 4.29am and got to see the lovely sunrise as I got to Pearl Beach and heading up to Warrah Trigg lookout. Saw a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo as it flew over my head, and so many other birds. There was a snake at Somersby that got out of my way. A lot of the wild flowers are already out in bloom. I carried all my food for the day and refilled my water bottles at the public toilet at Somersby, Niagara Park and Kincumber Mountain. I ran the run with no one else and didn’t see anyone I knew.  Couldn’t enter Kincumber Mountain via Bluebell park due to a house getting built there so entered via Sandringham Cl. The sun started to set as I was coming down off Kincumber Mountain and ran from Kincumber to the finish in the dark where I was met by Dave, my brother and a friend.