FKT: Julie Brock, Joann Litterick - Brisbane Water Bush Bash (NSW, Australia) - 2021-09-27

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6h 35m 57s
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Jo and I set out from Gosford waterfront this morning at 6am. We were carrying enough food and water to last us the whole run.

We headed along the Gosford waterfront then turned off for the climb up Penang Rd and along the trail with some great views over Brisbane Water.  Down the steep descent to Woy Woy waterfront. There was a lot of people out walking and some well decorated trees to try and cheer people up in these hard times of Covid also a couple of swings that we stopped and had a go on. Over the Rip Bridge and then up Fisherman’s Trail and onto Maitland Bay.

The weather was great not too hot with some light cloud cover. Through Kincumber and spotted a small wallaby as we were going up Kincumber Mountain. Down the other side of Kincumber and through Erina for the final climb up Clyde Rd.

Yay finally got to the top and along the trails to the picnic area where it was all down hill from there and back to Gosford waterfront.

We did stop off at the toilets at Woy Woy and Kincumber Mountain and just got a drink from the taps but then continued on our way. We had a lot of fun along the way.