FKT: Julie Fetner - Issy Alps 50k/100k/100M (WA) - 2022-09-23

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8h 40m 30s

Went out for the Issy Alps 50k FKT, solo, unsupported. This was my first time running the whole route in its entirety but have spent many miles on the various peaks it links up. I've wanted to run this ever since I heard about the behemoth route. I started around 6:20 am at the Mailbox Peak parking lot. It was dark so I started with a headlamp. Very quiet trails today. I carried 2 1/2 liters of water and filled up one bottle at Brawling Creek (on the Sitka Spruce Trail). I carried all my own nutrition. The Sitka Spruce Trail was a slog, very over grown, and I was nervous about spooking a bear. No bears today but I did summit Teneriffe with a magical greeting from two mountain goats. The legs were pretty much toasted by the time I reached Little Si. This was the most vertical gain I have ever ran in a single day so I was heading into the unknown. I had my eye on the clock and knew it would be close to get the old FKT, 8:45, set my Stacey Marion. I really had to fight the last 3-4 miles because I was falling apart. Finished at the Little Si parking lot with a greeting from my husband and dog. I was so happy to be able to sit down. I would love to try this again and see if I can improve my time. If I run it again, I think I will use poles.