FKT: Julien Cazorla - London Bridges 50k (United Kingdom) - 2023-03-04

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It’s an interesting route linking London’s green to urban landscapes. When I saw the river was high tide I was worried the path would be flooded but everything was dry in the end. Instead I had to do with and slalom hundreds of people spectating and taking part in a rowing regatta (the Queen of the River), with boats loading and unloading on the path, and of course thousands of tourists in Central London - it was dumb of me to do it on Saturday afternoon!

The bridges were also a good distraction from what would have been a flat route, with many flights of stairs to go up and down these bridges.

The run was short enough to be unsupported. I carried water (in my hydration vest) and nibbled a bag of jelly babies during the run.


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Well done on a great time!