FKT: Julien Cazorla - Vanguard Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-07-11

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Total time
14h 6m 15s
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A beautiful trail linking London's southern suburbs (Croydon at the trail start) to the English Channel (Seven Sisters cliffs when reaching the sea, Newhaven at the trail end), almost entirely green/off-road, with some hilly sections (leading to about 2,000m vert overall for the route). Many parts are scenic, and enjoyable to explore.

The trail is marked (VGW discs mostly) but is difficult to navigate using these marks, the gpx, or maps (e.g. on a smartphone) alone. A combination of all three was needed for me to keep moving despite taking wrong turns or not finding the path quite a few times. The trail is not so well maintained, with many sections overgrown with brambles and nettles,  and some fields to cut cross (without path). The trail can get muddy after wet weather (which was the case when I followed it). There are also many gates to cross, interrupting the flow of the run. Overall this made the whole trail no so runnable at a good pace, and I resolved myself to hike some sections.

To note there is currently a deviation north of High Hurtswood due to a landslid (cf picture, and also why my gpx differs slightly from the one uploaded on the route page).

I carried all my supplies, with 2.5l or water and Tailwind/electrolyte mix, and used 2 granola bars and 7 gels.