FKT: Justin Agler - Cincinnati Nature Center Perimeter (OH) - 2021-11-20

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1h 14m 23s
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This trail is a nice mix of flatter/faster running, climbing, and technical trail running. You can bank some faster miles in the first half (running clockwise). The longer, steep climbs are in the second half. The main trails are covered in a finer crushed gravel. These are faster sections, but you will likely have to contend with many large groups of hikers on those trails.

I ran most of this trail as an extended warm-up beforehand to learn the route. I didn't run the entire thing though, so I still ran with phone in hand to ensure I didn't take a wrong turn on sections I was not familiar with, which I'm glad I did. I ate half a banana and drank plenty of water before heading back out for the FKT. I did not carry water or food with me since it was cool enough and this was a short enough route to not need anything.

I tracked this run both on my Garmin watch and through Strava. Garmin gave 10.23 miles with 969 ft elevation. Strava gave 10.89 miles with 1,149 ft elevation.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trail and will likely head back in a couple months for another crack at it and as a fitness test for an upcoming race.