FKT: Justin James-Long - Five Peaks Traverse (OR) - 2019-09-06

Route variation
open course
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 38m 36s

5 Peaks Traverse!! Tagged all 5 Summit Peaks, Cascade lakes Hwy/Devils lake TH>South Sister>Middle>North>Broken Top>Bachelor>cascade lakes Hwy. Trail head to trail head in 12hrs 38mins 36secs.

What an incredible experience!!! 

Numerous photos on Strava (see links)


My route for the 5 peaks traverse is completely different then the standard routes North to South & South to North. I’m the only person so far that has completed all 5 peaks going this route> South Sister> Middle S.> North S.> Broken Top> Bachelor. It’s 2.8 miles further with 600ft roughly more elev gain then the standard routes. But I still feel it is very efficient. I was 41 yrs old when I earned the FKT for this route. I have some very interesting routes/beta set up to drop my time down to the 11hr range for the 5 Peaks but it is extremely dangerous. Well, U only live once right!  Get ready for 2022 !!! =D