FKT: Justin Kousky - Ashokan Reservoir Circumnavigation (NY) - 2022-01-13

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3h 40m 8s
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there was a brief warm weather window so i thought i'd take a shot at this course - with over a foot of snow in the forecast for this weekend, it's probably going to be a few months before it's passable again.  there was one slight miscalculation in my plan, it turns out the area got enough snow last week that the rail trail section was covered with snow, which had turned to ice from all the foot traffic.  i was dumb enough to wear road shoes and not bring spikes, so it was a lot of sliding around and not really able to push the pace in that section like i had planned.

i started at the northeast corner, there's a nice parking lot there and i did the entire road section first and then finished with the rail trail.  the road section is nice, with rolling hills and a couple closed roads / promenades on the edge of the water.  i think that's a good way to run this under normal circumstances - the rail trail is pretty flat and would probably be a nice relaxing way to finish.  saw quite a few folks on the rail trail even with the slippery conditions.

ran unsupported, brought 1L of tailwind and ended up drinking most of it given the relatively warmer temps (got up to 40 or so).