FKT: Justin Kousky - Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway (NY) - 2020-10-18

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
3h 34m 36s

fun day on a hidden gem of a trail!  nice conditions - high 30s to start, low 60s at end, sunny.  i think this (mid oct) is a perfect time of year to do the trail - fall foliage at peak, trail not too wet, not too much leaf cover.

ran unsupported, 1L of water - didn't use it all, probably could have ran without it and the pack which would have been more comfortable.

note on gpx - this is an easy trail to get lost on - the blazes are pretty well done in most spots, but there's just a lot of intersections.  i did a few bonus minutes here and there, it actually got worse on the way back.  also there appears to be a re-route of the trail about 4 miles in (counting from the south) - i followed the blazes there, i think the old route is a bit shorter, and i could still see that trail but it seems less traveled.


1:44:15 out

1:50:21 back

3:34:36 total