FKT: Justin Kousky - Cape Cod Rail Trail (MA) - 2020-08-26

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 2m 7s

weather on the cape today was unseasonably cool and dry - temps in the lower 60s and humidity in the 50-60% range, with a nice stiff breeze from the northeast.  so a good day to try out the rail trail.  the course was scenic and very easy to follow, and despite a late start it didn't really get crowded until the last 8 miles or so (mostly bikers).  mileage came out to 26.8 so basically this is a somewhat flat road marathon with a bit extra on the ends for warmup/cooldown.

i ran unsupported with 2L of tailwind - probably didn't need that much but i didn't see any potable water sources along the route and prior runners had mentioned all the water spigots were off due to covid.  considered running dry but wasn't brave enough.  i saw about 10 ice cream shops along the route so i guess that's an option if you want to go supported and can stomach it...