FKT: Justin Kousky - Natchaug Trail (CT) - 2020-07-16

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 33m 32s
GPS track(s)

ran unsupported.  started with 2L of tailwind and filled up with water from streams once on the way back.  got a real early start to avoid the heat which mostly worked - conditions were about as good as it gets for this time of year - 60 at start, 70 when finishing, not too humid.

the course has some hills but nothing too steep so the whole thing is runnable if that's your style.  i got lazy and walked a few times especially on the way back.

note on gpx - got lost a few times, nothing major.  the tracking quality on the way back seemed to suffer.

2:33:32 on the way out
5:36:29 for the out & back