FKT: Justin Kousky - Pequonnock River Trail (CT) - 2022-01-06

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
4h 21m 41s
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ran unsupported with 1L of tailwind, didn't even use it all.  started in the middle of the trail at tait rd because parking is hard to find at the ends and also it would have been a longer drive for me.  began with the southern half, i hadn't run that part before and i knew it was going to be a lot of roads/traffic/navigating and i wanted to be fresh for that part.  the trails in the north were more fun but also pretty muddy/icy in spots - normal for this time of year and really didn't slow things down much.

notes for future runners: try to do the bridgeport (south) section during a time where there is high visibility and less traffic - otherwise that could be pretty risky.  lots of busy road intersections.  also there are signs on the trail gates saying the trail is only open dawn to dusk, so you might want to factor that in.  if you need to filter water there are plenty of options but water in the north is probably a lot cleaner.