FKT: Justin Kousky - Richard Goodwin Trail (CT) - 2020-11-21

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
3h 37m 2s

nice day for a trail run!  tried to pick something without too much technical or vertical - too much leaf cover right now to do those courses in good time.  i was pleasantly surprised by this trail - from prior writeups it sounded a bit under-traveled - but i saw a handful of people out there today and most of the trail had plenty of foot traffic to crush the leaves down.  first 1/3 of trail had some ups and downs, mostly twisty singletrack, and lots of trail intersections to keep you guessing.  second 1/3 of trail was more fire roads and doubletrack, good for making up time, but still quite a few hills there.  last 1/3 of trail was a bit more technical and hilly and less traveled - some deeper leaves in spots there made for slower going / ankle rolling.

ran unsupported, no calories or liquids just watch and phone.  felt the calorie deficit towards the end so maybe not the best idea.  temps were cold to start - right around 32 - but already up in low 60s by the time i got back.

note on gpx - strava link based on phone.  also attaching garmin gpx file but the tracking got spotty the last 1/4 of run.  time based on garmin.

out: 1:46:15

back: 1:50:47

total: 3:37:02