FKT: Justin Kousky - Shenipsit Trail (CT) - 2020-09-05

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8h 19m 21s
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ran unsupported, north to south.  day started out with great weather, 46 degrees and dry conditions.  it was sunny and hot as the day progressed (got up near 80) but thankfully it stayed dry.  not too much water along the course but enough to get by - i filled up a few times in mediocre spots, then found better water a mile or so down the trail - so may be helpful to study water sources ahead of time if you are picky about what you drink.  ended the run pretty dehydrated, probably should have picked up another liter or two along the way.

course is a mix of road, jeep/doubletrack trail, singletrack, and rail trail/canal style.  mostly rolling and moderate elevation change.  there were a few steep climbs/descents with some technical footing but overall it was very runnable.  i'd recommend a daytime traverse due to all the traffic and the frequent intersections/turns.  also i'd either pick a cloudy day or to have cooler conditions - otherwise the road sections can get hot.

note on gpx: signal was mostly good, but seems like it got a bit lost around mile 10 near shenipsit lake area.  i managed to stay on trail pretty much the whole time and only lost maybe a minute to navigation errors which is way better than normal.  the trail was very well blazed relative to most blue blazed trails.