FKT: Justin Kousky - Wanaque Traverse (NJ) - 2021-09-04

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7h 6m 16s

fun loop, thanks to kim levinsky for dreaming this one up!  i wanted to try out some new trails and get a bit of an adventure in this weekend - this definitely hit the mark.  the usual challenges for this loop are navigation (tons of cross trails and turns), vertical (7k-8k but lots of flatter sections, so the hilly sections really pack a punch), and technicality (lots of rocks n roots, with the exception of the mountain bike trail and the road sections of course).  i also got a free upgrade challenge with the recent deluge here (hurricane remnants) - dozens of water crossings in the ankle deep to knee-deep range, a few thigh-deep, and the final traverse of the wanaque river which was at least 6 feet deep with quick currents.  a few of the trails had basically turned into streams for long stretches, so the feet were wet from mile 2 up until the end.

i ran unsupported with a bit of tailwind, some snickers, and granola bars.  filtered water as i went - certainly didn't have any problem staying hydrated!

note on gps - my watch lost the plot a few times in the 2nd half, it has the official time - see garmin link.  my phone tracks were uploaded to the strava link, that seemed to track well most of the run but has some extra time before / after.