FKT: Justin Simoni - Sangre de Cristo Traverse (CO) - 2019-07-21

Route variation
South - North
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6d 14h 45m 24s
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Justin's blog:

This route is essentially the same as Nick Clark and Cam Cross's route, except that my route: 

* Started at the junction of Highway 150 and Lake Como Road, rather than at Lake Como), 
* Ended at the junction of CR 107 and HW 50, rather than at the Rainbow Trail TH. 
* Little Bear Peak was ascended via the Southwest Ridge], rather than the Hourglass Couloir. 
* All points marked in LOJ that are on the ridge proper were summited, excluding Captain Bivowhacko Tower, "East Crestone" and "Northeast Crestone"
* Some points just off the ridge proper were summited as well, including: Venerable Peak, 
* I believe I summited a few peaks that Nick and Cam skipped, including Blueberry Peak, Milwaukee Peak, "Obstruction Peak", PT 3541, PT 3580, Spring Mountain, Venerable Peak, Nipple Mountain, PT 11660.

Start Date/Time: 7/15/19, 2:27:25 AM
End Date/Time: 7/21/19, 5:12:49 PM