FKT: Justin Snair - Copper Ridge Loop (WA) - 2018-09-15

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9h 6m 47s
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I ran this unsupported (water along the route) with two other runners. I completed the run about 20:00 minutes ahead after pulling away in the last 10 miles. This was done counterclockwise, so it is the opposite of what is described in the FKT route already loaded on this site. Also different from the FKT map was the use of the cable cart to cross the Chilliwack River. 


 Well we did it! Our goal was to run the 35 mile Copper Ridge Loop unsupported. It’s an absolutely stunning trail, with a cable car, suspension bridge, river fording, and plenty of old growth single track. I was after the fastest/funnest known time as well, so after staying close together for the first 25 miles, I sent it on the 7 mile descent. I think I managed to grab the fastest known time in 8 hours and 39 minutes for the counter clock wise loop (still confirming) and scored the fastest known time for the last 10 miles from the mountain top to the parking lot. Fast times are cool and the speed I found after running a marathon up 8000 ft shows me that the training is taking me to new levels of fitness. As my coach says, training is the test, races (and adventures) are the celebrations.
More importantly, today was about learning. It was the furthest distance I’ve ever run and the longest amount time I’ve spent running. It was the greatest amount of ascent I’ve tackled while running too. And it was the most variable climate I’ve run in. There were so many lessons taken from this single run! How to dress, how to pace, how to eat and how to run wet (soaked through the entire time). All of this will help me be a better ultra runner.
I was also struck, at about mile 16 when the sun finally broke through the old growth trees, by just how lucky I am to get to live this lifestyle. @mrreev01 was (as always) totally supportive of this trip and held down the house, kiddo, and work while I was off playing. I’m endlessly grateful and incredibly happy. Thanks for the rad trail running festival @aspire.adventure.runningand great to run this with you @kidfoofeeand @nopioneer.