FKT: Justin Walker - Prairie Sunset Trail (KS) - 2020-05-17

Route variation
double out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 57m 57s
GPS track(s)

Started at 5:40am in Goddard. 1st east out&back to Hoover Rd of 18.65 miles took 2:34:47.Then out&back to Garden Plain with totals of 30.34 in 4:17:33. Second out&back plus a little more to 50 miles in 7:17. Took a big break for 45 minutes, then finished the last out&back for totals of 61.05 in 9:57:57.

Main goal today was to PR my 50 mile time and honestly didn’t think about the 100k FKT until the night before when my partner mentioned it...thanks Adele! It is two round trips of the Prairie Sunset Trail.

Pushed hard thanks to many friends the last several miles to hit 7:17 for my 50 miles and I was done, mentally checked out. I was happy with achieving my A goal for the day. However, being good friends, they kept urging me to push on and set the FKT.

After a 45 minute siesta(see the 55 minute mile!), I got back up and jogged easy, finishing the FKT in just under 10 hours! ☺️

Can’t thank my friends and partner Adele enough for giving me that gentle push to get the second bit of the goal. And as a bonus, I PR’ed my 100k!