FKT: Justin Walker - Trans-Oklahoma (OK) - 2018-04-16

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Time (duration)
8d 11h 52m

Across the state of Oklahoma, from Ok panhandle at New Mexico border to Arkansas border. West of Mexihoma to Boise City, 412 east to Woodward, them 270 south to highway 51 east. Through Hennessy, Stillwater to Tulsa. Then Rt 66 through Tulsa and 412 east to 412 Siloam Springs Arkansas. 

Had Delome Inreach gpx file, but haven't gotten the file back from the user I borrowed the unit from...I believe it read a bit short as the update intervals were 1 minute. The official total on my watch was listed as 503.3 miles, I took it off and recharged it for an hour on the last day so I could capture the end. I added 4 miles to my total for that hour bringing the total miles to 507.3 miles across Oklahoma.