FKT: Justine Hewitt - Millwood 100 (UT) - 2022-09-19

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1d 20h 39m 23s

100 miles and 10,000 smiles.

I had no idea that running for two days straight would be so friggin fun. Millwood 100 provided more than I ever imagined.

I first learned about Millwood 100 from @ultrasaassy (on IG) after meeting him @upforairseries. I was intrigued as I was working towards @derajslc ‘s other creation, the WURL. Fast forward a year and I finished Tushars 100k with a smile on my face and wanted more. More vert, more miles, more time on my feet and this meant Millwood. Two days later, I broke my collarbone. 

2022 came around and I had been inspired by my time volunteering at Wasatch 100 so I entered the lottery and got in. I wasn’t sure what that meant for my Millwood dreams. Luckily, my amazing friends @kinseydb and @roberto_lions planned a wedding for the same day as wasatch and I dropped out. Millwood became the goal. 

My team. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing they made this. I have learned from my amazing group of gal pals that coming up with a plan is kind of important. Past Justine would have just started running and asked some friends to join and @kellysinthezone to meet me some places. So I made a spreadsheet, mostly for them at first, but I’ve since learned how helpful organization can be (shut up Kelly). 

Luckily, my time and miles exploring the wasatch meant I knew much of the route well. There were still sections that needed scouting. That was an adventure in itself. Still, I wanted pacers and the beauty of this is that I could have as many as I wanted! I asked some and some offered. When I still needed more I called out for help. The women of this community answered. I had 7 incredibly badass ladies to accompany me! Thank you @elsajaworski @mtn.runner @rolonic96 @emma.v.b_ @andreastofko and @runjoj for pacing me. Your friendship, navigation help, and reminders to eat and drink are what got me to the finish.

My incredible partner Kelly. He works almost as hard as I do (and probably has less fun) to support me through my crazy adventures. So much food cooked, everything laid out and organized just for me to come in like a tornado, and ummm did you see my stories go off?! That was all him. 

I had so many people show up to crew me and it was amazing. I tried to ask just a little from a lot of people and it ended up being a lot from everyone! @allierunsslc being home sick jumped into communication master- something I didn’t know I needed but played a massive part in things going as smoothly as they did. @tjhickskis and @olivia.c.hicks crewing and taking care of my best little bud @sir_nigelofthezone. @jennasharkey and @kelton crewed through the night with a heater and hot food and guiding me across a river, and gave Kelly a chance to get some sleep. @runchachi gave me the socks off her feet. @campjewel ran around to buy the only gel that I was raving over. @im_earthcake @spaceboomer @jen @garrison @little_legs_gaby_got_the_runs @joshpisciotti your presence and help were so incredible. Thank you 🙏 

As for my own experience. I truly don’t think it could have gone any better. My lows were infrequent and relatively short (rosemary, thank you for always pulling me through them and sorry you always get the worst of me). I was able to eat regularly, had normal weird body stuff but miraculously no nausea. These just allowed me to live in the moment and enjoy the trails, the views, and the company. 

As for the women’s fastest time. This was my first 100 miler. I felt like my planning and training gave me a good chance so I went for it even though I knew I couldn’t take too much off of it. I see some pretty strong women out there, now go beat it! ☺️💯🏔🏃‍♀️💜