FKT: Kadon Hintz - Achenbach Trail (ND) - 2021-09-13

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
3h 5m 53s
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Started at Juniper Campground and went counterclockwise for a couple reasons.  I thought that this way the majority of the route finding would be early in the loop, and the 2 river crossings would be later so I wouldn't have to run as far in wet shoes.  Running the north ridgeline was amazing.  There were some steep climbs but the view of the valley from the ridge was incredible.  Then a fair amount of the low-lying trail was overgrown and not really runable, just had to push through the brush navigating from one trail marker to the next.  I did some accidental sightseeing at Sperati Point when I went off the trail for a while, but the views more than made up for the lost time.  Once I got back on the trail, I came across a couple bison just below Sperati Point and had to ease my way around them.  The second river crossing was a refreshing way to finish the loop.