FKT: Kaitlyn Yonke - Historic Gold Camp Road (CO) - 2022-10-30

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4h 54m 42s

What a fun route and way to see some history of colorado. Decided to go for this because of its uniqueness of the route and getting to see a new area of the state. In conjunction with running this route I also wanted to show that anyone is possible of doing great things- so I chose to run in support of the Rocky Mountains Down Syndrome association.


I started at about 8:45 am and it was about 20 degrees, it slowly warmed throughout the day. A few patches of snow in the shade. Overall a beautiful and fun day. Also couldn’t have don’t this without my friends and family for their support. while this route is easy enough to go unsupported I chose to be supported to include others. 

huge kudos to the previous female fkt for creating this and establishing a beautiful and fun route!