FKT: Kaitlyn Yonke - White Rim Road (UT) - 2020-11-01

Route variation
standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
20h 19m 22s

On October 31 at aprox  4:17 am I started the White Rim Road loop or also known as WRIAD  in the counter clockwise direction from Mineral Bottom rd. This was a supported effort with a crew vehicle and pacers for the majority of the route. As we dropped lower into toward the White Rim road proper  the full moon lit up the canyon walls letting you see vastness and depth of the canyon. I had 4 crew/pacers who all swapped out miles to help keep me motivated, fueled and moving well.  I felt amazing all day with no stomach or heat issues, the legs just turned over as I remembered my why for being out there! I kept a steady groove until the Shaffer rd climb and it became increasingly difficult to eat,  So my last pacer  Kyle pushed me  the final miles and really made me dig for that time. At 12:35 am Nov 1 I circled back to my start to make a full loop on the White Rim Road. Completely epic and amazing. 

In the attached photos you can see: the Start in the early morning, climbing up Murphy Hogback,  running past the Wilhile trail head, Taking a much needed cool down break in the mid day heat, the Moon illuminating the canyon wall of Shafer rd, and the final finish line moments and time stamp photo. 

In conjunction with pushing for the womens record I went out to run the road to raise awareness and funs for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. I believe it was such a driving factor to getting me around that loop and fighting for the day I had.  Without that motivation and running for a cause near and dear to me this day would have been executed the way it was! 

pacers and crew: Bandon Yonke, Lexi Miller, Josh Miller, and Kyle Pietari