FKT: Karen Holland - Bruce Trail (ON, Canada) - 2021-09-12

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8d 22h 51m 45s

Fully supported Bruce Trail FKT starting on Fri, Sept 3rd at 6am with my first crew pair (Arianna/Chantal). 

    Day 1 - Tobermory cairn to Rush Cove Parking Lot (P_023)

    Day 2 - Rush Cove Parking Lot (P_023) to Lundy Lane (S_040) - REROUTE: used Kemble rock rd (s) -> Taylor sideroad (w) -> Mystery Cabin Side Trail back to main trail as reroute sign noted due to logging ops trail closure at Kemble Mtn)

     Day 3 - Lundy Lane (S_040) to SW corner of Bognor (side trail no name access (syd 1))

Crew Swap with Molly/Peter taking over on Sunday PM:

     Day 4 - SW corner of Bognor (side trail no name access (syd 1)) to Eugenia North St (BV_014)

     Day 5 - Eugenia North St (BV_014) to Devils Glen Ski Parking Lot (lower lot on main st at yellow gate) (in the pouring rain after hail and tornado warning fun)

     Day 6 - Devils Glen Ski Parking Lot to SW corner of Mono Cliffs PP (at highway 8)

Crew Swap with Alistair taking over on Thurs afternoon:

     Day 7 - SW corner of Mono Cliffs PP (at highway 8) to Silver Creek @ 8th Line crossing

     Day 8 - Silver Creek @ 8th Line crossing to Tiffany Falls

Arainna/Chantal join Alistair for finishing afternoon crew to end:

     Day 9 - Tiffany Falls to Queenston Cairn


Total distance = 895km as recorded by my Strava