FKT: Kat Snyder - Blackwoods Loop, Acadia National Park (ME) - 2023-05-07

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3h 12m 5s
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The Blackwoods Loop was technical and offered up several thousand feet of elevation; a rather fun and difficult challenge. The route mostly alternated between granite slabs and stairs, to root and rock filled trail sections. There was hardly a stretch without its technical challenges. Temperatures were warm, low to mid 60's, but mostly comfortable with the breeze coming off the ocean. High points included the first two miles meandering through the Blackwoods campground via the road and a smoother non elevated trail section which I traveled just before starting the first climb of the route, Gorham Mountain. Other high points were the downhill of Champlain on the Beachcroft Path; a very technical and thrilling stretch of boulder hopping as you descend along the edge of the mountain, as well the roughly 3.5 mile descent of Cadillac South Ridge which takes you across widely exposed granite slabs into lower trails.

The greatest challenges of this route for me, someone who hasn't run much elevation recently, were the relentless climbs up each mountain; the Champlain ascent being one of the most difficult of the course.

All in all the Blackwoods Loop is a lot of fun and a lot of work!