FKT: Kate White - Acadia Traverse (ME) - 2020-07-16

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7h 47m 26s
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Cliff and Kate White had a beautiful day on Thursday, July 16, to enjoy a power hike through Acadia. Did this route W->E with a bike drop. As noted elsewhere, runnable terrain is hard to find. Stopped for ~10 minutes at Bubble Pond to refill on water, and did a mile of extra travel as we took the wrong trail after Jordan Pond and headed north instead of east to Pemetic. And had about another ~30 minutes or so of delays due to masking/unmasking and trying to work our way around slow/unmasked people on trail. We also got stuck on the Beehive for a while as we worked our way down while hordes of tourists struggled up. In retrospect, an out-and-back here would have been the better route choice.

But we were never out to kill ourselves, just to have a fun day in a beautiful place. Mission accomplished, and since there was no women's FKT on this route, posting it here to give others something to shoot for.