FKT: Katherine Jonas - Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail (NY) - 2023-03-11

Route variation
one way
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Total time
2h 51m 33s
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Ran the Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt from North to South through this morning’s “wintry mix”. My hope was to not completely toast my legs in Cold Spring Harbor, start the squeeze at max elevation around 6-7 miles in, and come screaming into Massapequa.  I underestimated how challenging the southern part of the trail would be, given it was essentially a shallow creek with tons of roots. I ran the boardwalks, but also just ran through the water, depending on a on-the-fly cost-benefit analysis. It was a total mud fest. Somehow got mud *inside* my tights? Bad weather did mean the trail was clear. 

Thanks to Amy DeMarco and Elise Mordos for putting women on the map on this route. Let’s keep bringing it down!