FKT: Kathleen Cusick - Black Forest Trail (PA) - 2020-04-25

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9h 26m 52s
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I had a score to settle with the Black Forest Trail, and so I ran it self-supported on 4-25-20. Cloudy, rainy at times, but I managed to stay on trail AND did not have to run in snow :) I used Strava and Gaia to track my route. When I stopped the tracking on my Garmin (i.e. link to Strava), the time was 9:26:52, so I am not sure why it now shows up as 9:28. The Garmin recorded my route as 42.5 miles. I started the Gaia tracking from my Jeep, parked a little down the road from the trail, and so it has an extra 3 minutes on it. It recorded the distance as 41.94 miles.