FKT: Kathryn Burt - Burke-Gilman Trail (WA) - 2022-09-10

Route variation
Golden Gardens Park to Blyth Park (or reverse)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 53m 14s

Bucket list run! I live right off the Burke Gilman trail, and I was excited to run the whole thing in one go. It was a very Washington day with seaplanes taking off on Lake Washington, crowds heading to a University of Washington game and a rock climbing competition going on at Edgeworks. I ended at Golden Gardens and highly recommend going for a quick leg soak in the water after and then heading up to Piccolinos for brunch. I ate 3 Spring Energy gels and a Nuun tablet in my soft flask.

This run is dedicated to my #1 supporter in Seattle, David Griffin, who had my favorite post run beverage ready for me at the finish. Big shout out to Bridget, Sydney & Kristina - the other badass ladies who have run this route. Congrats!