FKT: Kathy Freeman - Strawberry Line (United Kingdom) - 2022-02-27

Route variation
One way
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Total time
1h 28m 5s
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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and we had just returned from a holiday in Cornwall where it was quite hilly so I fancied a flatter route.  I have run or walked parts of the Strawberry line before but never the whole thing and never on my own.  My kind husband got up early with me to take me to the start.  The route begins at an unassuming road, looks a bit like a light industrial estate but you quickly find yourself on a traffic free path heading towards the Cheddar reservoir.  I started off gently but found a rhythm and got into a bit of pace (this was a fast run for me)!  The route was well signposted through Axebridge where you are on the roads - its a very pretty Somerset town. Back on the cycleway I realised I didn't have a torch for the tunnel and didn't want to muck up my recording by faffing with my phone so my heart was beating pretty fast in the depths of the dark tunnel.  Although I could see the light at the end, I couldn't see my feet in front of me and it was quite disturbing.  It was pretty quiet, not many people about that day, a few dog walkers was all. The sun was shining brightly and it was a lovely run.  I was glad to see the houses up ahead marking the village of Yatton where the finish line was going to be, it seemed to take a long time to get there but I was pleased to reach the station.