FKT: Katie Asmuth - Los Padres Traverse (CA) - 2020-08-08

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7h 0m 43s
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Stunning views, entirely on exposed fireroad. No car access- so if you are attempting this unsupported- make sure you reach out to Los Padres Forest Association to confirm water sources. There is a trough, a creek, a spring, and a spigot with fresh water along the course.  Highly recommend going in winter or spring if you are attempting this FKT- August was HOT! If you do decide to go in summer- heads up that deer hunting season is Aug 8-Sept 20. There is OHV access between a locked gate past Bluff Camp and Upper Oso Campground- so you will most likely see some very surprised hunters as you run by!

Trailhead is about 2 hours from Ojai. Note that googlemaps takes you to a closed road of Hwy 33. The correct exit is Kirschenmann Rd off Hwy 166.  

Also- note that if you are using the gpx listed for the route- the official FKT section starts actually 1 mile after the gpx listed starts (at the last gate in the Dick Smith Wilderness) and ends 1.5miles before the gpx ends (at the gate at Upper Oso Campround). You do not need to run the last 1.5miles of pavement through the campground unless desired. I realized this after the fact- and would have liked that insight:) Check out strava for further clarification. Also note- Kris had a 1/4mi detour off the course and then came back to the fireroad (which is why there are 2 segments on strava for this FKT). You will also notice this small detour if you look at the gpx listed and you do not need to do that detour. Just stay on Buckhorn fireroad.

Fun route- very straightforward. Be cautious of water supply as you are so remote.

Feel free to reach out to me at kt_runshappy for details about mileage for water sources or questions!