FKT: Katie Broom - Adventure Hiking Trail (IN) - 2019-12-21

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5h 34m 56s

On 12/21/19, I made a supported FKT attempt on the Adventure Hiking Trail in Harrison County. Thank you to the individuals who have pioneered FKTs on this route, sharing helpful and encouraging notes. Previous FKTs have included a further total distance due to minor navigational errors, which I was able to avoid. The trail is beautiful and challenging, with considerable elevation gain (and loss). The loop is very well marked but I recommend being familiar with it, as I had moments of faded/tired attention, which can lead to straying off course. I ran the last 21 mi with my husband, Nathan Broom, a handsome FKT-er, who served as a motivating companion and navigator extraordinaire. He also gave me three bites of pizza. I had practiced sections of the trail but still found it very adventurous. We encountered many fallen trees blocking the trail, briars, a hunter with a rifle, and a large rubber ball in the middle of the woods. Due to recent rains, the Blue River was backed up and we had to wade through water up to the hips to stay on what seemed like the trail. This involuntary ice bath added to the adventure. The weather was low 30/high 50, which was perfect. I took a total of 85 oz of fluid and appreciated gummy fruit snacks (thanks, kids!) and spicy bbq chix pizza for fuel. This is an incredibly difficult run but overall I just felt happy and almost meditative as I progressed. I'm thankful this route exists and that I was able to experience it.