FKT: Katie Gunvalson - Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop (OR) - 2021-06-12

Route variation
Double loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 44m 44s
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Note: I'm submitting my time for a Kings Mt - Elk Mt double loop as I'm not aware of a faster female time. (There is at least one faster male time. If you're reading this, submit your time!) I created a Strava segment to search for other double loop times, but there don't appear to be any that start from Elk Mountain TH. I couldn't find a double loop segment that starts from Kings TH.

I completed the Kings Mt - Elk Mt Double Loop on Saturday, June 12, 2021. I started and ended at the Elk Mountain TH (intersection of Elk Mountain Trail and Wilson River Trail, access via Elk Creek Campground) and ran the loop clockwise. My husband accompanied me for the first 3.4 miles along the Wilson River Trail to the Kings Mountain Trail, which made this a supported effort. From there, we parted ways and I continued the remaining 18mi unsupported. I carried all of my food, water, and gear, and stopped to filter and refill my water bottles on my second loop. My main goals for this run were to complete two consecutive loops and to practice a challenging, unsupported effort, so I took my time and enjoyed the day outside. I took a short break at both summits and stopped to chat with several hikers on the run, including two runners who were completing three consecutive loops in the opposite direction! Overall, it was a fun and beautiful day in the mountains. My Strava activity includes the .2mi approach and .2mi finish to Elk Creek Campground in 6:44:44. The .gpx file and Strava segment indicate a double loop time of 6:40:05.