FKT: Katie Gunvalson - Wildwood Trail (OR) - 2021-04-23

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
11h 26m 59s
GPS track(s)

On Friday, April 23, 2021 I completed the Wildwood Trail E2E2E in 11:26:59. I started from the Veteran's Memorial sign at 6:54AM and finished at 6:21PM. As this was an unsupported effort, I had no outside help or assistance from others and carried all my food, water, and gear. The weather was beautiful but a bit on the warm side and the trail was almost completely free of mud! I changed into a short sleeve tee about 7hrs into my run (note different top in start/finish photos), ran out of water about 9hrs into the run (carried 3.5L, the max capacity of my vest) and ran out of food at around 10.5hrs. My watch died around hour 11 and I used the Strava app on my phone as back up. There is some overlap in the activities, but you can see my start and finish time which adds up to my total time. This was my longest and biggest unsupported run to date, the previous being ~37mi, and I'm beyond excited to have completed it while setting the new women's unsupported FKT!

To provide full transparency, I want to acknowledge that I took a short road detour to get around the Barbara Walker bridge which was closed at the time of my run. The detour totalled 2.06mi and can be viewed in the Strava segment Getting around the Barbara Walker Bridge Construction. This segment added an additional ~.5mi to my run.

Special thanks to my husband for shuttling me to the start/picking me up and for being extremely supportive of this endeavor. I'd also like to thank my dear friend and inspiration for this run, Mercury, for supporting me to break her record. I would not be here if she had not come before me.